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ECO Structures, Inc. is a diversified company specializing in the construction of extraordinary homes. We are committed to building for the future by bringing in the finest craftsmen, attention to quality and detail, innovative building products and methods. ECO Structures has been proudly featured in publications such as Design New England, YANKEE Magazine, Builder Architect, New England Home and Boston Magazine’s Home and Garden.

A clear vision for the future with a commitment to service is what gives ECO Structures a competitive advantage as a company. We are sized for personal service assuring that you have our attention, dedication, and responsiveness throughout the whole project. This dedicated focus on each project allows ECO Structures to effectively manage the schedule, budget, trades, and consistent communications assuring that all expectations are understood. In keeping the homeowner informed on all aspects during the construction process, and with the attention to quality and detail, ECO Structures produces superior results that exceed expectations and make for an enjoyable and satisfying project.

Evolving technology and the search for energy efficient lifestyles go hand and hand. Your home can be an architectural showcase while simultaneously being technologically advanced and energy efficient. Ask about our expertise on energy savings and innovative products and methods. Such systems and sustainable materials can translate to long term energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and an environmentally sensitive home without changing design or function.

We have an excellent, highly trained, dedicated staff, both in the field and in the office. Each project is unique and our office personnel provide the details required for successful project management and fiscal responsibility. We conduct detailed analyses and research that pertains to your project and we are happy to work with you on any additional requirements you may have as the project evolves. Our field personnel are highly skilled and attend regular trainings to enhance their knowledge on current technology and management techniques. The subcontractors that are chosen for our projects are the best in their field and have proven their value and skills to our team. They share our passion for detailed, high quality, craft oriented work. You can expect the best in craftsmanship as well as competent management and guidance from our construction team members.

The majority of our projects are referrals from prior clients and architects who feel no hesitation in recommending us to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We are proud of this reputation and we intend to keep it.

Please call today for more information. We can be helpful throughout all phases of the design process with budget analysis in the early planning stages to pricing for a fully designed project. Additional photos, references, and a walk through of our current projects is available upon request.

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