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“How we live today is what we leave for tomorrow…”

Green Technology has quickly moved into the vanguard of the construction and home design industries. Accelerating fuel costs and climate change have created a situation where everyone must find ways to save money and to act for the health of our families and our planet. We hope we can provide you with the answers to any of your questions about sustainable energy or, even better, the answers to your dreams by implementing green construction components you might desire for your home.

Please explore the following categories for more information on sustainable design and construction and the choices you can make. There are no right ways to build green, it is individualistic and there are no small measures.

An Intro to Green Building.

Green History.

Green Building Technology.

Green Links.

Today, architects and builders such as Eco Structures are poised on the threshold of the sustainable energy movement. As the design and construction industries align themselves with new environmental regulations, our philosophy here at Eco Structures’ has always been to build for today and tomorrow.